Founding Partners


Stephen Jeffrey


Stephen “Stevie” Jeffrey is a founding partner of AVentures, where he is responsible for overall development of the brand, organizational management, and establishment of places which add positive value to communities. On a mission to ignite an innovative entrepreneurial revolution, his focus on improving community and business integration, and creating life-changing spaces; nourishes people to grow while maximizing their profitability potential. 


Prior to taking on his role at AVentures, Stevie gained a myriad of business and international experiences which has established him as someone who is followed.  A few of the companies in which he has either founded or held high-level leadership positions in:  Brussell Services - Founder, American Dream Investor Group - Founder, Brussell Exterminating Service - – President, Eluvial Enterprises - – COO, BP North American - – Offer Development. He hails from Silver Spring, Maryland, with roots deep in the south (South Carolina); . which means he will happily serve you a chilled glass of champagne with a lovely slice of sweet potato pie. He gardens, loves dogs and is very in touch with his spirit. 


Garth Rockcastle, a founding partner of AVentures, oversees the development and design of all APlaces. As an American Institute of Architects Fellow and a Professor of Architecture at the University of Maryland, Rockcastle has balanced his academic roles with his practice leadership for now just over 40 years.  He currently retains both Professor of Architecture at the University of Maryland; and since 1981, continues as a Founding Principal of Meyer, Scherer and Rockcastle, LTD., Architects, in Minnesota and Maryland (since 2004).  

From 2004-2010, Rockcastle served as the Dean of Architecture at the University of Maryland;, and from 1990-1997, he was the head of the Architecture Department at the University of Minnesota. He is the author of several essays and reviews of art and architecture, and an editor of three published collections of essays on contemporary theory, art, and architecture. As a design professional, Rockcastle focuses on cultural facilities, sustainability, and the adaptive reuse of existing buildings. 

Rockcastle also leads a design team of diverse experts and professionals forging an innovative design for a Net Zero Community, on 1500 Acres of reclaimed open pit iron mines in Northern, MN. His innovative work in academia in the last several years includes the internationally recognized (“Best in the US”) Solar Decathlon Competition Project for a new Net Zero, and affordable home for Native American communities across the USA. The success of this project led to his consulting and teaching internationally in Budapest, Hungry, and in Dubai, UAE. These projects, the result of extensive collaborations with respected colleagues and advanced graduate students, feature dynamic, responsive solar arrays; natural solar drying and food preservation technologies; waste and water recycling; flexible and transforming furnishings; bio-living systems for added human nutrient and oxygen benefits, and other technology; and smart technologies for improved comfort and performance efficiencies. 


Garth Rockcastle