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Let’s face it. People are lazy. Video is so easy to digest because it doesn’t even require–GASP–reading words! Because video eliminates the need to take too much action, it gets a lot of traction. And that traction equals exposure and exposure increases the chance of converting sales.

Similarly, because so many people enjoy watching video, it’s a popular sharing medium. Most social networks have their own video platforms for easy viewing, so videos are easier than ever to retweet, re-post or plop into a message box.

What Is The Process For Creating A Commercial Video Production?

Like any video production, you’ll follow a linear flow from Pre-Production, to Production, and through to Post-Production. For commercials, extra time and attention should be spent in the initial planning phase:

  • Define your target audience, key messaging, and tone.
  • Select a storytelling style that best suits your defined goals.
  • Detailed storyboards are critical.
  • Identify and secure the ideal filming location(s).
  • Attain any filming permits, if necessary.
  • If driven by talent performance, a rehearsal day is preferred in advance of the shoot.
  • Film your commercial.
  • Edit, add graphics/animation, sound mix and finish.

Taking added time and care during Pre-Production is the surest way to ensure a successful outcome while avoiding wasted effort and unnecessary expense.

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